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Hello, just another noob to the forums :D

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
I propose a sign people exchange program internationally - like they do with high school students. I'll come over & run yer shop a few weeks while you run mine - deal? All you Aussie's in here keep the thought in front of me of how badly the wife & I want to see your paradise! But with two in college... it'll be awhile.

Anyway - nice to see ya here, WELCOME!


New Member
Arlo thats ok, they can stay at college, they live at college over there dont they?
Heya Daki welcome aboard, even thou your a Queenslander! :)
Hey Lance we've gotta get our numbers up cant be having to many canetoads on here!
**For the US ppl, ppl from Queensland are referred to as canetoads in slang terms**

Sydney Best State in Australia (sometimes)


New Member
Well Arlo steve & I were just discussing that very thing on messenger the other night. & nope the kids live at home (least mine are) while going to university. I told mine that was gonna be his graduation gift to his mom & I for puttin up with him all these years