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Hello to all the cheap people and not-so cheap too!


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My specialty is coroplast, polystyrene and magnetic signs, plus banners. I used to do magnetic signs, but I find the prices were driven to low as of late. I'm cheap, I'm not insane... I had a customer print out a web page saying the company makes magnetic signs for $9.99 a pair, one color or $12.99 a pair for two colors, 12x24. Thanks to the new $7.70 flat rate priority mail boxes, they will ship up to 5 pairs for a mere $8.00!
It's just nnot worth the time and effort... my calculations have my magnetic costs around $3.25 a pair using the cheapest stuff I can buy. I can't work for $7 an hour, even though there are days...
Anyhow my main reason coming here is to network with people I can outsource work to. I have a i9100 13x19" bubblejet printer and a 24" roland plotter. I've had limited success with a roll of Ameriban's Jexar 6mil water fast matte white vinyl cut down to fit into this printer (12x18 sheets). I'd love to have a real inkjet plotter, but funds are tight at the moment, so I am looking for a source to do this sort of thing for me.
Thanks in advance....


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$10/pair!!!! Can't imagine working for LESS than minimum wage - no way, no how. Minimum wage here in WA state is $7.35/hr. What kind of moron produces stuff for free!? Just kills the rest of us trying to produce quality high-value CUSTOM work.


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What are you asking? Are you looking for an out source to make really cheap stuff? Sure, I'll work for a buck an hour to make a set of $2.00 magnetics!!!!!!!!!

Guess I'm not really sure what you are up to.


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well...iam old and i can see a ruse comin from a mile away....and i think thats what this is....somebody wantin to pull our chain.....as for me this is only comment ill make.


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I'm so sorry! I don't want anyone to do magnetics for me... I'm sorry if that was what it seems like. I just was venting a page printed by a customer asking me to match "give away" prices. The customer needed 4 pairs of signs, and basically was waving a $50 under my nose because some sign whore is out there doing it for nothing. If it is any consolation I do 12x18's for $39.99 a pair and 12x24's for $49.99 a pair. I get $10 for a 2nd color. As I said "I'm cheap, I'm not insane". I told him he should order off the web and hit the bricks. I have a reputation for cheap, but I have my limits. I'll turn down ridiculous offers like that.
What I do need is someone can print and often times contour cut jobs I can't do myself. I would NEVER dictate what you should charge me! I would ask what you charge and based on that rate, if it works in my budget, we're doing business. There is no tricks or ruse. I'm cheap and I don't deny it, but I'm not going to pimp someone else.


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See if you can get the guys information. I could order from him and sell at my regular price and still make good money with out having to do the work.:wine-smi:
Then I can set back and make the $$$.


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I was just thinking that! Jeez for that price I can understand why you would 'throw in the towel' on magnetics. I never get orders for them myself now I know why that probably is. I usually end up getting folks who want your typical decal (calvin whizzin on something) but they want it removable so they ask for it on a magnet. I just add a couple bucks for the cost to my normal charge for a decal, unless they want it contour cut, then a bit more.

For a small nobody guy like me, the money is in lettering and install, and the occasional giant banner. I don't expect I'll ever be in a 'shop'; but I'm ok with sellin decals and stuff. Its fun and rewarding when you look at what you've created.

Well thats my two cents (all I could spare)!


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if you want to sell your stuff cheap go ahead...it called workin hard for NO MONEY! i get $70 a set for 12" x 24" magnetics!!! i get $75-100 for basic 2 doors in vinyl. you keep sellin cheap....how bout if you make my magnets for $39.95 and ill sell em at $70.....and i dont have anything in them.....heheheheheheh.
all iam sayin is get SMART...gas is $2 a gallon, sheet of aluminum is $54.00 roll of magnetic 25 ft is $70....vinyl just took a jump in price....yep you keep sellin your stuff cheap...see where your bank account goes.

Arlo Kalon 2.0

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How wild... I took an order on Saturday no less for a pair of 12x24 magnetics. It is only a name & ph. number in 1 color. I quoted $85.00 to get rid of 'em (ya know - seein' as how everyone feels a need to just give this type of work away for some insane reason). I figured they were already quoted a lowball price. Now, I feel the heat to get them done BEFORE they see what a ripoff I am! (BTW - before the franchise sign boom, I was getting over a hundred bucks a pair for mags 23 years ago - just for some perspective. Wonder how many other things have dropped that far in price... NOTHING I BUY! Seriously, somebody tell me what is wrong with these FOOLS who part with their work for NO PROFIT AT ALL!!!


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My mags go for $69.00 for 12 x 18 one color/ adding $10.00 for second color.
12x24 sells for $79.00 and adding $10.00 for second color as well.

And this is with customer giving me a basic layout their on logo on disk.

Anything that needs Edge printing goes for $150.00 to start...and up fromt here.

I was selling them cheaper and after a few were made, I realized that my time and effort of designing, changing colors on plotter, weeding, taping, and laying out was not worth what i was getting in return.

Pre-cut quality magnet sells for $5.00 x 2 = 10.00
Design time 1 hour minimum (w/ no time loss)= 35.00
Transfer tape for job = 8.00
vinyl using quality stuff including waste = 5.00

Total cost for making one set of mags more or less.
$58.00 for one set.

This doesn't include the time that's wasted waiting for customer to approve, come back and pay the balance.... I always take deposits, showing how to maintain them etc.

And my prices are still cheap, but I need to compete......... So who makes them cheap and still makes a buck?

Just my two cents.