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Hello to all.

Vinyl Dad

New Member
Well I have a small shop in a 1 horse town.We do a lot of things like toe trucks,Gas stations,Telephone co,Ect
I been looking at this site for some time.I must addmit guys like Old Paint keep me "comin" back.He is a card.
I have a problem with a few close by shops,that do a lot of local racing cars.Ive done all that I can to not get involved with this end of the sport.
The problem is a few racers want us to do the work.They are telling me the other shop is to unreliable,in calling them back,Getting the work on time ect... We are not perfect and I don't want to be labled with that type of resume.Also the price the other shop is charging is about $1.50perSq/ft cheeper then I care to go.It isn't going to kill me to not do them,Just we could use the extra income.Im looking at all the cars,trucks,events also.Any input On this will be taken as a experiance of many.Thank You


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If the racers want to use you, let them pay your price, just make sure your customer service is first rate. "You get what you pay for"


Just Me
If they aren't getting the service they expect at the other shop, then they should have no complaint in paying the normal price to get what they want. In other words, don't drop your price to match someone else, just like you wouldn't drop your level of service to match someone else's. Prime example of you get what you pay for...


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Welcome, The racers around here pay my price or I don't do it. I'll admit sometimes I work deals with some because we sponsor them but other than that let them pay.



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Welcome from PA

Let the complaints go til next week. Enjoy meeting everyone and have fun the rest of this week and we'll all talk shop...... next week. :Welcome:


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Hi V.D.
Welcome from Beautiful BC.
From your post , I think you know how to deal with this.
You've already been given some great advice. Once you start low-balling that is what everyone will expect.

Vinyl Dad

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Hello all.Sorry to start out complaining!Just Ive been reading this board for a few months.And everone seems to repeat my problems.Not much said about racers.Nothing wrong with them it just bugs me they all want something for nothing.I told myself years ago to stay out of it.Only for the sake of if you do for one you do for the other.I have done stuff for kids in go karts and the soap box derbys."But" only if they helped install The vinyl.They have a blast. Im planning to go aginst my rule and do a car this weekend. Im going to hold my price.They want a lot of overlay. Thanks everyone.

Pro Image

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Howdee from VA..........Stick to your guns on the price...........You'll fell better in the long run..............