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Hello my name is Scott and I just wanted to say HI!!!

I am new to the vinyl graphics business. I will be starting small and maybe groing bigger but I doubt it. I am just working out of my house for now...

Alot of info on this site hope it will help me in my journey.... Through the vinyl graphics business....

And thanks again in advance...

Welcome Scott. You will find a ton of info here. I never knew there was so much I didn't know about the sign business until I landed here. And now this is where I stay.

Arlo Kalon 2.0

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All in all, this IS the best sign forum around. Jump in and hang on, & don't be put off by bitchy old timers - if ya really like this biz, you'll be one someday too.


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Welcome from Beautiful BC.
Read lots, subscribe to SignCraft, try to get to know other signmakers in your area, figure out who you will use for heavy equipment, try to deliver more than the customer expected. There's other stuff, but that should keep you busy...lol