HELP!!!! How can I exit out of a Headwash?


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I bought a new (to me) 1604 with low miles, but the former owner really didn't print much with it. So, started working on cleaning it up, etc. and back in working order.

HOWEVER, somehow my dumb butt entered into the head wash menu and couldn't get back out using the cancel button. Right now the machine sits at "Ink Discharge ->E". If I read the manual correctly, this will empty all inks from the machine (Don't really want to do this, lol).

I've tried powering it off and leaving it unplugged overnight. But upon startup it goes directly into the "Ink Discharge ->E" on the screen and I can't do anything with it.

Anybody have a clue how I can get out of this?

Thanks for any help.

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Sorry a bit late seeing this.

If its anything like the old Rolands you should be able to just remove the pump lines from the captops and let it think its pumping out the line.

So you might have to have things powered off to unhook the pump line but after that power on and let it finish what it wants to. You should notice that it runs for a timed period and not actually a volume if ink. You may need to keep the pump lines off for a 2nd stage where it may want to load ink into the lines.

This should save dumping and waisting all the ink.


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Had the same issue and here is how I resolved it...

I attached a word document and it show you what to press to get in diagnostics setup.
Ink Charge Flag Set Procedure
This procedure is used when initial ink load is interrupted and can not be completed.
Be sure Ink Cartridges are inserted before starting this procedure.
Enter Self Diagnostics

After Entering Self Diagnostics
· Proceed to Check 8 Parameters press Enter
· Select Parameters 2 Update press Enter
· Select Update 7 charge Flag press Enter
· Select User/:Charge: press Enter
· Display will ask Update Parameters? Select Yes/Enter
· Display will indicate Updating Parameters
After the Charge Flag has been set you will need to go to Check 3 (Ink Charge) press Enter
· Select Charge 1 Normal press Enter
The machine should start loading the ink. After the machine finishes the loading of the ink exit self diagnostics and resume the install at Loading Media.


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