Help please! Paper stuck to back of wrap, and now not sticking


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I thought it was backing paper and used it as backing to trim, it stuck real good to the back of a part of a long piece of material. I don't think I have enough to do a reprint, and would prefer not to do a patch on the most noticeable part of this job. Washed it with lots of water, scrubbed it off, etc. but not it does not want to stick.
Any ideas, please, if someone else has been in this predicament and has been able to solve it?


so the "paper" side of the backer got stuck to the vinyl?

yeah, like stated a reprint is the only viable option.


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If it's not sticking then you've likely washed away the adhesive. Any double sided tapes, or glues and adhesives will leave a visible imperfection. Gotta reprint to do it right.


i have a thought. not sure if it is a good one

the people that make paper labels use a. laminator with an adhesive "dispenser"
to apply adhesive to paper roll stock

if they have a laminator as wide as your vinyl, perhaps they coluld reapply an adhesive layer



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superglue seen it on youtube so it must be ok..;)
sorry could not resist been there done that, have to start printing as said it will only bite you latter...go on kick the trash can and just do it..


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Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. I did reprint, had just enough material (I mean, like couldn't have been more tight, probably an inch or so both film and laminate)...
That paper wasn't the back of the liner but of all things, a piece of a synthetic photo paper I had laying around, I guess at the beginning I knew what it was, had it protecting a part of the vehicle (yeah, right!). I have been able to wash off a bit of paper in regular cut vinyl before, but don't do this with fancier stuff, boys and girls.


When the paper has stuck for me I have used application fluid to get off the paper. Then hit with a heat gun to dry. I would also use some 3M wrap primer to ensure sticking.


yeah, those grey-adhesive controltac vinyls are ruined once you get them wet..... or at least definitely ruined once you wet & scrub.