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Help please

Al Checca

New Member
Can anyone tell me if they ever had a carriage disengage on a verssacam?

[FONT=&quot]Also we are looking for an east coast rep that we might be able to call, we seem to be over a barrel here now that N Glantz no longer carry’s this equipment. We did find Tonas graphics here in Pittsburgh but they don't seem to be in today and our shop is backed up big time.[/FONT]


New Member
Did you try Ordway? They're a sponsor here.
And I'll assume that you posted at printingdigital.net too.


Mike Paul

Super Active Member
I've never heard of that happening.
Here's a few:
Beacon Graphics 800-762-9205
Sign Supply USA 800-651-7446
Roland support should be open. 800-542-2307


Premium Subscriber
Not to worry.

Either you had a tough head strike or your media didn’t move through well. The head when under strain will disconnect and go flying into La La Land. Scared the crap out of us the first time it ever happened. Your console window will tell you to do a few steps to clear everything. Just turn the whole thing off and while re-starting the head will re-connect and everything will be honky-dory. You’ll lose the print you were working on, but don’t sweat it, no harm to the machine.

Make sure you find out what caused it in the first place and take that out of the equation for the next print. :wink: