Help with printing issue

Mary Gotcher

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Two problems, I have some overspray and lines in print. What can you do about overspray? Also, lines between the print is driving me crazy. I've cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Any suggestions?:cool:


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Mike Paul

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A little overspray is usually banner fuzz on the head but that doesn't look like your problem.
Try cleaning the encoder strip.

Mary Gotcher

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That's what I thought, so I've cleaned round the heads using a sponge swab. Printing at 720 x 720. Tried 720 x 1440, same thing.


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Could you post a nozzle check and a test print of color blocks at 72x720 bidirectional? It could help.


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Nozzle Check Please. Most likely you have some mis-directed nozzles, at least I hope this is all there is to this... A Check Nozzle Pattern will tell the tell...