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Hey Y'all....


New Member
Introducing myself to the class of Signs 101 reminds me of my old school...
(circa 1974 college Art class)

Hey Y'all....I'm JimmyG from Georgia low country...some may know of me, most will not.....
I'm a minuscule signmaker that sometimes makes majuscule works...
(lettering and such,...that is...)....and all the stuff that becomes of all that....

I sure hope I can figure out this forum, and I sure hope that others will pitch in to help me with that.....
I'm no biggie on "smilies",...I'd just like to read and learn, maybe post some Q's & A's and meet some cyber sign folks....

maybe as I figure this place out, I'll be able to input some photos of my work...
Is'nt it true that to know someone,...talk abit first, and then look to see some of their works?

Well...that is where I'm at now....Here's looking at y'all.!!!...(introduction wise...)


New Member
Hello Jimmy!! Welcome to :signs101: .

Great group here with lots of knowledge and a friendly group as well!


New Member
Hi Jimmy,

Wecome! I've seen pictures of your work. It's AMAZING!
Please post some here for everyone to see.

Lance, this man definitely knows wooden signs.


Dave Drane

New Member
Hi Jimmy

Hey Jimmy, I missed this post somehow!! Welcome and have some fun.
Does Jimmy work in wood?? Is the pope a catholic?? :thumb: