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Hi All am New here


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Hi all I found this site and just had to join, let me tell ya a little about myself. I am a Nuttty Old Lady and I have been a sign painter for 20 years doing hand lettering till the vinyl signs put me out of business. then I had a stroke and could not hold my arms up to paint even if I had to. after 3 years of getting my mind back, I got me a vinyl cutter and am going to try to make a website to do small signage and graphics, and also to sell in my area, I am now learning the programing for my plotter and have done 1 small job and it turned out great. and have people lineing up for the Grand Opening, so I know I am going to have a BLAST in my new business.
I am looking forword to meeting ya all.
Walk n Beauty


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Hi Sameeeeeee!
Glad to meet you..could you tell us your first name ..please..I guess Sam will work.
Well Sam, you sound like a go-get-'er and I like your attitude!
We would all be very priviledged to learn from your experience(s).
Welcome from Beautiful BC.
Don't hesitate to ask the "stupid" questions. I've done that a fair bit...
Kind regards...Ken


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Welcome to :signs101: from PA.

You'll love it here.

Congrats on the new business !! :thumb:


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Welsome aboard!
I like you already.
That's a bummer about losing your ability to paint, but you didn't let the stroke get the best of you. Use your old sign painter skills to make some great vinyl signs!
From a Nutty Middle-Aged Lady sign painter in PA.