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Hi Everyone


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Well I should say hello everyone, I am new to these forums and pretty new to the signmaking industry. I am actually a locksmith for the last 25 years but always found signmaking interesting. So I bought a Master Cutter( I know I know) and all kinds of goodies and here I go. A funny story how this came to be is, I had my locksmith truck lettered by a local sign shop and he did a absolutely horrible job, the truck was lettered previously and had alot of heavy glue residue when I purchased it. So after I tell him what I want done he tell me he would take care of the old glue removal. Guess what I pick up the truck and he lettered over the dirty glue. It looks horrible! So I decided I can do it myself. I've done several small jobs and gee I can do better, wow! Well I look forward to meeting all of you experts on here and I hope someday I can offer something back.


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Hello from Beautiful BC, Canada!
Get the sponge out 'cause there is lots of info (and attitude) to soak up here.. I've learned that there is some contempt on these forums for the new guy wanting to buy a cutter and claim he is a sign guy. And rightly so..
There are numerous people here that have spent decades learning their craft.. From the generations-old sign painters to the "Digerati". The new technology available has created "instant" sign shops.
Take time to learn the basics of design and layout.
If you want an opinion, first provide your proposed design, THEN, ask for an opinion.
I mean this in only the most constructive way.
Kind regards...Ken