Hi from Denmark to everyone :-)


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Hi all you signmaking people.

I just found this forum and I am well impressed about the amount of information in here - sweet for a newbie like me!

I am starting a little business in Denmark (the little country in europe up north), where I wish to sell car graphics. In time i can hopefully get some bread and butter work, from regular customers. I have already made a deal with a local hardware store, to make their posters for special offers. Approx. 10 signs a month.
In Denmark we are not so far ahead with auto graphics, so one color designs will be what I will sell (hopefully) the most.

I am totally new at this business - no experience other than collecting stickers as a kid :smile:
I have experience with photoshop though, and I am slowly learning illustrator, but as I am getting more into it, I actually wished I started learning corel draw instead. I am looking to buy a Roland SP300V or a VP300, so if anyone has a nice one - not too old and worn - I am very interested.

Hope to learn a lot in here, and meet some good fellow workers.

Best regards - Brian/testacorsa


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Welcome! We had an exchange student from Denmark when I was in High School. He and his family have visited us and my folks a few times since then, last year was the latest time. He was from Copenhagen. I mostly remember the cuss words...Suet en puet ulla en dule cats numsa (I know that's no spelled right, but thats phonetically how it sounds).

Pat Whatley

Welcome aboard.

I feel in love with a Swedish girl in Copenhagen one winter for about a week. Thought I was gonna stay with her forever until the night me and about 15 Tuborgs decided to defend the honor of my country from two guys who wanted to argue about Olympic bobsled teams with me (like I know anything about bobsleds). The sad part is that we were at an AQUA concert at the time.

I was politely sent home the next afternoon.


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Welcome from Pennsylvania, USA.

Don't have any stories about your country, but I got to know a bunch of guys in a band from there called 'Swing Design'. They were great.


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Thx guys!!!

Glad to have found this forum, and I was very surprised to get 11 replies to my first thread.

Funny stories you have about meeting Danes.

GrafiXtreme: What "Suet en puet ulla en dule cats numsa" means is hard to say..
the last two words means "cats butt", and the whole sentence could be:
" suck a **** from a cats butt" :biggrin:

Pat Whatley: Sound like a typical night of going out in Denmark! Tuborgs will help you get there though. Just a little info on Aqua: They are back together now!! - not sure if that is good for music, but gives an opportunity to have one more of those nights

I leaned a lot already in here.
SignsbyDale: That I am getting a big squeegee is one of them. Very glad that I don´t have to buy a roller laminator!

Please offer any used roland vp300 or sp300v if you have one up for sale.

Best regards from Denmark