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Hi from Washington


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My name is Rob and I have a small sign and custom airbrushing studio in Snohomish, WA. I just found this site and am excited to chat with everyone and get some knowledge and hopefully give a little out also.

I have been working in sign shops off and on for about 13 yrs and airbrushing off and on for about 10 yrs. I finally decided to make the leap to my own shop about 1 a year and a half ago, and I have never been happier.

Hope to meet everyone and have a great time here!



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Hey Rob! Welcome. I lived in Seattle for several years until my recent return home. Loved it ....had a great run up there. :wink:



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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! It's nice to have a place that we all can glean info without stepping on anyone's toes!

GraphiXtreme said:
Hello from Marysville!

Hey... Small world! I love the internet!



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I will say 10 minutes from Seattle. 10 minutes from Bellevue. 10 minutes from Kirkland. I am in a central place that isn't really far from anywhere. Yet it is up a hill away from the world too. If that makes sense. I love snohomish. I was there at the antique mall not too long ago. Somebody has handpainted some very nice signs around your town. I love that place. Have you been there long? Maybe it was you that painted them!


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Bonjour, 2NinerNiner2.

No it is not me. It is Avenue D signs. He does most of the hand painted stuff around here. I would love to apprentice under him, but he doesn't seem to be too open to that idea.
I made the "Antiques capital of the Northwest" sign hanging on the Star Center Mall, and the Jaimi's Place sign just up the street though and am trying to get more of the antique and old style signage around here. I do all the signage for the North Snoh. Little league and alot of other businesses, but really want to do hand painted and hand cut & assembled stuff also. Anyhoo... babbling now!

take care!


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Here is the Jaimi's Place sign.


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Welcome bud! I'm from good ole' Vancouver, so I'm not all that far from you. I'm sure you'll find this site a hoot. Plenty of info on here....

:Welcome: 2:signs101:


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Actually, we do step on each others toes here from time to time...lol
But I (we) wish you well here..there is much to be gleaned from the experience of the members here...
Welcome from Shuswap Lake, BC

i sure am missing the pacific northwest this time of year, the change into fall, the smell of the cold brisk air in the mornings, the snowtopped mountains on a clear day.


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Welcome from PA.

I spent a week there, one night.

Was that Snohomish or Shamokin ??
Don't know... too much :beer :beer