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Hi there!...from across the pond...


New Member
Hi all!

Just thought I'd register and see what all you goo d folka re doing right now...I spoke to Bob Gilliland who suggested I dropped by and I'm glad I did...

My name is Mike Brown (aka 'mikethesign'), I've been signmaking for about 14 years, I live in a a cottage on the edgeof the Cotswold hill sin Southern England with my wife Clare and three cats - oh, and I do a bit of cut vinyl now and again!:wink:

I design all my own work and still get a kick out of this game after all these years...here's an example of my cut vinyl stuff...


(sorry about the reflection of the clouds along the top - photography isn't my strong point!)

thanks for reading this far.

more soon


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Mike that's entirely too nice looking a piece of work for someone only in the biz for 14 years.:biggrin:

We're glad to have you here and hope whenever you have the time and feel the urge you'll stop back.

If you've got more pics to share, you may want to consider posting them in the gallery which is, of course, free for all registered members.



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cheers Fred! :peace!:

tell me, how do I go about getting an album of my own - the one where I can attach imfo with the images etc?...I have loads of images sitting on my own web-site and have the links to them but not sure how to set things up this end?...


Fred Weiss

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Best way is to have your images on your local machine. Next go to the Signs 101 Gallery by clicking the link in the Main Menu.

Once there, locate the link that says "Upload Photos" and follow the onscreen instructions from there.

It's pretty straightforward. The uploader will automatically create the thumbnails, medium (400x400) and large sized images (800x800 or actual image size if smaller). You just categorize it and add your description and keywords for finding it later.

Once the photo is in the gallery, you can also pick up the path and BB Code to the image for posting in threads. This is recommended for two reasons ....

1. If you use the Image button for posting a photo that's on your site and then decide to move it or remove it on your site later, then we end up with a broken link. Using the gallery prevents that from happening.

2. If you use the attachment feature when posting, you will only be able to post one image per post.

Try it .... you'll like it.

Bob Gilliland

New Member
Hey mate! Welcome aboard and very glad you made the stop!! Hope it can happen as regular as possible (without taking any more time away from the missis).

Mike is a fantastic gentleman (other then his “accent” :rolleyes: :biggrin: ) that posses lots of insight which I hope he will share with us here at Signs101 as time permits.

Keep in mind while viewing “most” of his work, it’s usually vinyl! It is my opinion that Mike helps prove that “design” sells!! Paint, vinyl, digital, etc is just a means to an end.

Again Mike, “Welcome” (and forgive us for spelling “color” wrong :tongue: ).


Certified Enneadecagon Designer
I just went to the photo section, you have some really nice sign layouts there, hoping you share more and your knowledge as well, welcome!!


New Member
Great looking sign there Mike!

Surprising that it is vinyl, I love the "antique" look & it seems you have distressed the edges of your vinyl. Was that work done in software & cut that way, or done after the fact with an xacto or otherwise? Just wondering.


New Member
Hello Mike, fancy meeting you here, hello everyone. I'm Tasmania, Australia and I stand before you today a better signwriter on account on how Mike has assisted me for the last two years :biggrin:

Nice to see some familiar faces here, hi Lorraine, and Bob!! I wondered where you were hiding.

Nice to see you all.:signs101:


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Hi Graham, nice to see you. I hope to hear alot from you, and I agree Mike's work as seen in the gallery is second to none. Hope to see some of your work also.