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Hi to everybody !!!

Hi everyone,
I have been working in a shop for 1 year and half and decided I should start my own. I am doing this part time for now in my basement but intend to move out very quickly into a real shop.

I hope I can get a few tips from you guys.........I already got lots by searching the forum...thanks

I live in a french canadian city near Montreal.

wish you all a good day.

:signs101: :Canada 2:


New Member
Bonjour de BC!
Are you still with the sign shop or totally on your own now?
Are you hand painting, cutting or printing vinyl?
What is your target?
Yes, this is a great learning experience here.
left the sign shop but working part time whit kids in a school as educator.
I am only cutting vinyl right now but hope to get to digital printing..... thats mostly what we did at the shop