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New Guy Hola from just north of "One if by land, two if by sea..."


New Member
Hey guys and gals. Just thought I'd introduce myself as a newbie sort of. Got into the business a couple of years ago and still learning every day. I'm not just a table jockey either. I'm more of a chief cook & bottle washer. I do everything except graphic design unless it is some simple text & graphics. I hope to be a contributor and not just a lurker.

I used to hang out on several other forums including V*Star 1100 Riders, The Tractor Forum (John Deere Lawn & Garden sub-section), Glock Talk & Smith & Wesson. I love to work with my hands and buy and use all kinds of tools. Lately, I find myself watching a ton of hands-on, how-to, or just plain interesting Youtube videos. Only some of them are about making signs.