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its that time of year when everyone wants sponsor signs, is there a good place to find art submission guidlines for all the logos that everyones neice/nephew made. i tried a few searches here but no such luck, i thought i have seen some on 101 before


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When I do them I make them all a uniform color.
If they are paying good they get a logo in one color, if not (usually the case) they get the business name.
I find this makes everything equal, just the name written out in a real nice font, everything the same color. Also gives a nice uniform look to the event and saves all that scanning and cleaning of the low-rez .jpgs they provide as camera ready art.
Someone here (last fall I believe) posted a really cool golf sign idea.
Sorry for the vagueness but maybe they will see this post and chime in.


No Logos- no exceptions. If just turns into a clusterboink for you and whoever
is trying to organize and feed you the logos.

Pat Whatley

Actually I'm at a point with golf sponsor signs that I don't care what kind of artwork they provide for the logo....I just explain that business card and web shots are going to look bad but if that's what they give me that's what they're getting back. I've also got a strict policy that the customer has to provide all the logos....I'm not going online rooting around for them. I charge $4 more per sign if they have logos, more as a deterrent than anything.

I set up a standard header for all of the signs which takes up about half the sign, plug in the individual sponsor info, then send the whole thing to www.signs365.com and let them print them. In all actuality even low resolution jpegs come out looking okay on them. Golfers are going to be at least 10' away from them....and honestly nobody pays attention to the damn things anyway.


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Last year I did a golf tourniment. I gave them a fair price and learned a hard lesson. I got all but one of the logos in extremely poor quality and spent most my time fixing that. One of the guys running the show was a big dog at one of the local banks and I remember him asking if there was anyway he could get the job any cheaper? I remember wondering if he would give me a lower interest rate?

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i'm remembering some headaches from last years season, although some bad logos turned out to become opportunity to create new or cleaner ones. for now i guess i'll grin and bear it

Jane Diaz

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No logos, no exceptions. All they really need is to know WHO sponsored the hole and if they want it cheap, no logos, no exceptions! NOW if they want to pay EXTRA, we can do logos! :)