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Holly,Rip time!Batman


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I am ripping a print, using flexi-pro V7.5 the image is an Ai file format, the image at final output will 98" high by 108" long,in 2 49" x 108"
I am printing this at 720dpi,any guesses on how long this will take to rip?
The way it looks,a couple of hours just to rip it ??
Does this seem correct or am I doing something wrong?
I'am using a P4 1.6 with a gig of ram!
Thanks for any input,Krock


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Its an AI file.. so no Images?? I have noticed that the rip time is slow only if there is an image in there.. if its all vectors the rip should be fast.. I did a banner that was 20ft wide by 4ft tall and it was all vector art.. it went to the rip fast... but I printed a hi-res photo that was only 18x24 and the rip took 10 times as long.

If does take that long I would save the file after the rip is done.. Then if you need to re-print you wont have to rip again. Set flexi to send and HOLD .. then rip it , save it.. then print it. Now you can load and print if you have a problem with the first one..


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well ,it does have some photos(eps)in it,I just opened the file in flexi,set the size and started rippin it!
I will try that send and hold scenario though,in case I have any problems!
I appreciate your help!


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Sounds like a big file for your pc specs! it will definately be slow and definately eat space on your hard drive while it rips. Is your print going to be viewed up close? Maybee you can print it at 540, it will help speed things up quite a bit. and save on memory.

I used to have a P4 1.6g with 1 gig of ram. Files that large used to cause rip errors. Mostly due to the fact that windows 98 was the operating system and would have much less virtual memory than winXP.


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This image is for a tradshow display and will be viewed at a close distance because there product is attached to the wall this graphic will be adhereed to.The images are pretty detail product shots and a few Hot chicks!


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Did you rotate the image in the Rip and Print or in the Production Manager? Flexi has some real problems rotating EPS files. It'll sit there processing and ripping away for seemingly ever then, more often than not, come up with a rip error.

If that's the case, try rotating the image to the orientation you need before you send it. I had some 500Mb files that I rotated in Production Manager and it thrashed for well over 45 minutes before they died. After a bit of experimentation I oriented them before I sent them to the Production Manager and the rip took about 2 minutes.

If that's not the case, then it just takes as long as it takes. Try not to use a dither type any more acute than FMXPress. Unless you're reproducing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or something that's all you really need.


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I'm going to try rotating before bringing to PM,I hope it works.
a couple of the images are close-ups of the products witha lot ofl ighting and shine off the products,do you think fmxpress will get the job done?
I appreciate the help!


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720 DPI????????? are you sure. It will take so much room on yer HD that you may never get it to rip...

Im sure it will choke your machien if you have 1 gig of ram anyway...
What machine are you printing too?
100 dpi would be fine.. In my humble opinion...