how do I up the dpi on a photo, send by a customer?


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I got this job from the Scientology church. The want to panel a banner from different small banners. I bid the job. I get this art work which has already been paneled. Gravy to me. I have a 54 roland versa cam.
Now I come to realize that the art work was page size of 8.5 by 11. When I bring up to size of 6 ft. tall the resolution is blured. Help what can I do?
I work with photo shop and corel draw 12 and some omega software lower version.


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That's a tough one, you could try a program like PhotoZoom, but if the quality
is crappy to begin with that wont help much.
Also Photoshop can work well . . . !


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What is the current resolution?

This should work:

1. Create a new document in Photoshop the exact size that you need the print "6' tall"
Set the resolution exactly as it is in the supplied file. ie 72dpi then the new document should be 72dpi. Yes 72 I know....

2. Now drag the original image over to the new document.

3. Transform it to fit the proper dimensions. Don't stretch it please.

4. You will have to play with these to adjust the image:

a. Median (in filters)
b. Gaussain Blur (in filters) not so much of this
c. Auto Contrast (image - adjustments)
d. Brightness/Contrast (image - adjustments)

I hope this helps out.
Post the image if you can, I'll see if I can help any better.

good luck.


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I second the Genuine Fractals suggestion but Photoshop CS3 can also upsize pretty well. BUT, you really should tell the client to submit better artwork because no matter how much you explain about the crappy results you will get from their artwork, they'll blame you for an image that isn't "tack sharp".
BTW, if it's for Scientology, can't Tom Cruise wave his hand over the artwork and "make it all better"? :Cool 2:


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I don't do digital printing or claim to know anything on the subject, but would it be possible to print the small picture in as high a resolution as you can and then scan it at full size or as big as your scanner might allow?


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RiXaX, I think that is still another generation of lost data, compared to just enlarging the original.

I agree... ask for something better. All the tricks mentioned above are important to know for when you need them, but trying for better art is always worth doing too.


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I found out that it was made in Illustrator. I went to a friend who had the program. We made it up to size I needed. We than put it on a disk. I took it home and it went right into corel draw 12 with no problem...... I have to figure out where I can get photo zoom..... thanks. I am going to try some of those ideas.

thomas barth

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Missed Something

how do I up the dpi on a photo, send by a customer?

- I guess I missed the part where he wanted to enhance the file. I thought he wanted to print it larger than the customer supplied final artwork at 8.5" x 11".-


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Okay, maybe I used the wrong term...sorry...but in order to upsample a photo with any degree of acceptability, you have to ADD data to the original...this is done thru intelligent interpolation (above listed programs).


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8.5 x 11 @ 300 ppi = 54 " x 64" @ 50 dpi. Upsample it to 75 or 80 and it should be fine for a banner, depending on how far away it's gonna be displayed.
(assuming the original 300 ppi is not just a resized 2" x 2" @72 dpi)

Otherwise, get better artwork.

edit: Just saw your post about the vectors. heh AND it's two weeks old. lol