How do I...

Deaton Design

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...keep my D60 from rolling out too much material. Id rather the dang thing just start cutting instead of rolling out ten feet of material before it does.

Mike Paul

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(In Flexi) Put a check in the optimize cutting order box under your advanced tab and keep it at apx 12in.
Make sure you don't have any pre-feed setting selected.


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John.....I've always hated that about my D60 aggrivating. Can't wait to see how to fix it. Good question!!!



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My T-750 dose that also, but I think it's a good thing so you can make sure it is going to track ok before you starts cutting.


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dont your cut program have a PRINT PREVIEW? corel does.....and showes ya where your objects to be cut lay on the cut sheet.
i have rolands so know nothing bout d-60, but if you dont have the text/object to be cut sittin on the very beging of the cutting will do what yours does.


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we were told that the reason that it does this is to roll material off of the roll so that there is less continuous strain that could possibly cause material to not feed at the rate it should