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How do you do this??

Driving Force

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Does someone have an easy way to do the light burst effect?, or is there a plugin that works well?


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Corel Photo paint with " EYE CANDY 4000" plug in from Alien Skin can create the whole thing, chrome and all, in about 5 minutes.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Actually, the sample image is a bit more complex that just throwing some stupid plug-in at it.

I don't think the image is entirely successful in making a realistic looking allen screw head. But it is pretty clear it took more than a couple steps to create.

The outer part of the screw head looks like a displacement map was used to create the warping effect on a photograph and then applied as the chrome source.

At least two or three paths (or alpha channels) are necessary to define the two spheres and hexagon in a couple different selections. Some of the color is obviously applied using brushes and blur effects. Photoshop's inner bevel layer filter (and possibly outer bevel as well) was clearly used -likely with the chisel hard setting since the pixellation is clearly visible along edges of the sphere.

The highlight can be created very easily by making a vector path in the paths palette and turning it into a selection to then airbrush, blur or do other modifications to fine tune the result.


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Driving Force said:
Does someone have an easy way to do the light burst effect?, or is there a plugin that works well?

I believe that is a POV Ray traced rendering. I recall seeing it in one of the samples/demo files.


Driving Force

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Thanks for all the help. I finally created a custom brush to use in photoshop. I didnt really care about the bolt, just the highlight.

Ian Stewart-Koster

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I found a quick easy way was to open up flexi or Illy, and create the starburst in a vector format, manually if necessary, then cut & paste it from there into P'shop. That may seem crude but it works well. You can paste several times if needed, and you get a good sharp-edged starburst each time.


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Just trying to help

I did a little surfing and found this guys tutorial on the subject. I had done this already for myself awhile back but thought for those who don't know how or are too lazy this guy was good to ya. If you notice at the end of his tutorial he actually gives you the completed brush strokes and tells you how to add into photoshop. Again, always a good Idea to learn how to do it yourself. Hope it helps!