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Need Help How to hang a LARGE banner?


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We are looking to hang a 60' x 20' banner from a building.
We are wondering if anyone has a certain method that they recommend and have performed in the past?
Is there some type of hardware that is pre-designed for this kind of job?
There is a mock up attached below.

Any advice is appreciated!


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Yikes, yea that is big. And the building does look like divet, which sucks. Is this a marketing banner (looks like it is covering windows), or something permanent?
I think you will need some paid advice on this one, an engineer to spec the install or you will be responsible...
I would start by using a mesh banner to reduce wind load.


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First you need to determine if it's going to be a one off or a reoccurring job. Then determine what the wall is made of. Since it's a open parking garage, a mesh banner would probably be a requirement. If there is any type of gust coming from the other side, it could be quite the force on the anchors. You'll need to know the weight of the banner, the strength of the wall, and some other engineering aspects to determine what kind and length of anchors to use.

For a reoccurring job, there are banner frame systems from companies like Ackland and Lind Spring. Something like that would be the best option and looks much better than a banner just bolted to the wall.


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How long will the banner have to be up? If it's for a weekend, like a ribbon cutting or something, that's one thing, but if it has to last months, that's another entirely. I'm guessing it's not a permanent installation since it goes over windows. There are methods for putting banners up long term, but you wouldn't do that if it's just a "coming soon new office building".


Sign & Graphics Business Consultant
Check this out... https://www.formetcohardware.com/product/vinyl-tension-bracket-system/

I quoted a banner on the side of a building about the size that you are talking about and had Formetco providing the hardware and their printing partner Outdoor Image http://www.outdoorimageusa.com/ quote the banner on 10oz mesh with the pole pockets and everything that would be needed to reinforce it. It was expensive, but it would have been done correctly. The company (a large newspaper company in Atlanta) decided to go with the lowest bid and the banner lasted 2 days before it fell off the building. Formetco knows their stuff with these types of installations and have cad drawings and all kinds of documentation that will satisfy the permitting authorities. Good Luck.


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The banner is to advertise apartments for lease. It could be up for several months so we would have to install it in a fairly permanent way.


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Have you gotten the measurements of that wall, yet ?? That looks too small to be 20' tall proportionately. Seems more like about 14' x 50' by surrounding sizes.

Nick Nie

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We have a similar project in hand and customer hired an engineering company to give the design, we have the confidence to have the right installation hardware. but only thing we don't confidence is the installation equipment, we will have to use 125 feet boom lift or build the swing stage to do the work, swing stage option is in risk, because there is limited room on the roof to set it up. we will see.