How to Hang?!!

Hey guys,

So we have a customer that wanted a print of her watercolor art for her garden. We are selling the item as wholesale to a marketing woman who is re-selling to her client. We printed on cast vinyl, laminated, and applied to alupanel 20" x 28". Everything came out great....however the client didnt specify they wanted something to hang it with mounted on the back. The substrate is only 1/8" thick. They do not want to drill holes through it to mount. They want the face to be completely flat like a piece of art. Any ideas on what we can use to mount on the back to make the piece able to be hung like a picture frame, but will last outdoors? Cheaper the better...thanks guys!


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vhb tape a couple strips of dibond on the back that are bent at the top and have holes for wire.

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if you want to be able to hang it like a picture you could try those banner ups stick them to the back on each side and put a string between them. I wont look pretty then again it mught be ok but it should work.

If you dont know banner ups are these little sticky tabs for putting on banner corners instead of using grommets so outdoor should be no problem.