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how to have a real white on yellow fluo vinyl?


Rap Master
The only way would be with a flatbed plotter which prints "thicker" than a standard printer.
White itself is not a "block out" color and lets light through it, revealing the color behind it.
Which is why (opaque) white vinyl has a gray adhesive. If it had a clear adhesive the light/color would come through it.

White Haus

Multiple passes with good UV ink or like jfiscus said, white vinyl w/ blockout or grey adhesive.

Or thermal (Edge) foils will block it out pretty good.

Solvent white won't put a dent in it, regardless of how many passes you lay down.


New Member
Try printing grey or silver…. Then overprint with Arctic White or Flood Coat White … not regular white. ARCTIC white is my preference, because you can still get decent detail with it.


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first a pass of duracoat white ( with grey backing)
than gerber guard overpassing ( because the white foil from duracoat don't hang for a second pass)
and than a final pass of duracoat white ( hang on the gerber guard)


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I like the gerber guard barrier coat idea. Lots of times when having this issues and doing multiple passes the foil starts to look flaky