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hp designjet 500


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hi all am very new to this business so be patient.I bought an existing business in southeastern ky ,small town,small prices. but its home and i can't change that not that i would want to, with all my equipment i got a hp designjet 500, my question is does anyone know if this machine can be changed to outdour ink (weather resistant) i don't really know the wording but i have figured out that it prints on several types of paper. but the former owner says its not uv rated.(what ever that means) thanks so much for listening to my problems. am very excited with my new venture. coot.


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had to tell ya but no to uv inks, you gotta get up to the 1000cp and above to run those,
best of luck to ya


The Big Squeegee

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Welcome from Oklahoma!

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I'm not sure what the designjet is but if it is one of those desktop models that you use to print documents then it won't work for outdoor stuff.

There are many members on this forum that will print anything you need for a reasonable price. Don't be afraid to use them. A small town will most likely not support a large format printer. It is better to have the work outsourced for a while to see what your market will be. Low usage for a large format printer can be very expensive.

Hope this helps