HP Latex Printer doesn't fit freight elevator. Can we put it upright?


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Hello forum.
Has anyone done that before?
Can we put a printer upright?
We are considering a new office and the freight elevator is too small. We are thinking about lifting the printer though an elevator shaft in an upright position.

Thank you.


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Can't you lift it up and in a window with some sort of crane ??


If you need to move your printer or store it for an extended period of time, prepare it correctly to avoid possible damage.

  1. Do not remove the ink cartridges, printheads or maintenance cartridge.
  2. Make sure that no substrate is loaded.
  3. Make sure that the printhead carriage is located in the service station (at the right end of the printer).
  4. Make sure that the Ready message appears on the front panel.
  5. Turn off the power by using the Power button on the front panel.
  6. Also, switch off the power switch at the rear of the printer.
  7. Disconnect any cables that connect the printer to a network, a computer, or a scanner.
  8. If you intend to turn the printer upside down or on its side, first remove the maintenance cartridge (see Replace the maintenance cartridge on page 159 of the User Guide).
  9. For correct environmental storage conditions, see Environmental specifications on page 189 of the User Guide.


If the elevator is just a little bit to small, you could win some centimeters by removing the left and right cover. Then it is mich easier too to save additional space when placing the printer diagonally.

If trying to set the printer upright: shure that the lift is high enough. You need more than 2,5m.


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Thank you!
I'm afraid that the plastic will crack under the machine's weight.
The plastic on the left and right is quite sturdy. You can lift the damn thing from those and they will hold.

Ask the guys you'r buying from to also take the styrofoams that go on to the left and right in the shipping box. Those will protect it better.

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take it in the way they move pianos
i would assume the machine's frame was not designed to support it on end
i would feel much better, if it were mine to have the weight evenly distributed across 3 heavy webbed straps

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Is the stairwell out of the question? How many floors up is it going? I know it's not ideal, but even taking the end covers off, there isn't anything to support the weight of the machine on the ends. Plus, on one side you have your service station/print carriage and the other your ink supply. I'd be very hesitant to tip it on the end. I used to work for a moving company, and we'd move all sorts of things up the stairs if we couldn't get it to fit in the elevator. Perhaps, there is a local moving company you could ask for a quote on moving it for you.


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Depending on how big the mismatch between the printer and the elevator size is I'd go for partial disassembly over trying to hoist it up through the elevator shaft. Most likely not an option but who knows. Do you have an exploded view of the printer (tech doc, not the remains after it falls to the bottom of the shaft)?


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Thank you for the replies!
The considered space is on the 12th floor.
Also, we found an office next door with a bigger elevator.

Thank you!