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Bought exsisting sign business 3 years ago.
Know nothing about. So much to learn.
Like tech end of business, not very artistic.
mostly vinyl bus. wraps ,lettering and some crazy things I wish I hadn't tried. ladders on windy days. But getting better. Learning to say no & I don't know.
thanks to those who share.


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Welcome from St.Louis..............This forum is full of GREAT information and people...........The more you read the more you will learn some of the ins and outs and dos and donts of this business and this forum!!!!! ENJOY !!!!!!!!:thumb:

Craig Sjoquist

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welcome to a great forum n bunch of ppl that vist.... yes real adventures are just that, without real desire, combine and ya have a pot of gold....
the Mike Stevens book mastering layout will help a great deal ..even without a artistic mind set .... ya can make a no parking sign look great ...
thank you n enjoy life


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Hey Trim,

Welcome from San Jose! This is a good place to learn if your experience is helping or hindering. Ive learned a lot being here.


RJ California

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Watch out for those ladders! I have 4 screws in my ankle and came close to losing my foot by falling off an 8' ladder.

Good luck!


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Hey Trim..welcome here.
Knowing the tech end is a great can always out-source your design challenges to the very capable people here. Check out the design/layout threads here for thoughts on how a sign should go together.