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i love you ALL already


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so ... new here ... how fun
just got a vinyl cutter ... sort of (dont ask)
in school for graphic design
must say i LOVE this already ...
looks like a lot of good advice and some great peers also
i'd like to ask how you begin to market yourself in the way of selling vinyl sticers for auto graphics etc. so there it is!
if you feel that's not an appropriate question PLEASE dont bite my head off!! :biggrin:
anyway hello to you all and i'm definately looking forward to being involved with you! :wink:

James Chrimes

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Welcome, well it seems as though you are in the fortunate position of not having to make a living using your abbilities yet. Start by researching as much as possible and mabey visiting a local sign shop or two. Dont tell them that you want to sell stickers but that you a courious about the sign industry as you are in school for graphic design. You can learn more from a good shop than they will ever teach you in school. (trust me, I have been there) Then if you have time work on designing a few designs and sell them to other student (not for beer money) Check with your school store and ask about selling stickers that they approve of (if they let you they will want a percentage) oh and dont forget to research.


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Welcome.. Congrats on design school.. it cant hurt, sometimes I wish I went to a few design classes. Do not get upset with brutal advise. It could be the best kind. (you will know this if you stumble onto my A/C guys van) But willingness to learn is most important..



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:Welcome: to :signs101: Home of the :design: because we're too :cool1: and drink :wine-smi: but never :Sleeping: because we drink :Coffee: :Cool 2:


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That's quite a welcome Derf!
Welcome Cressida - glad you found the board. Like Sign Solutions said - stay in school, but you'll learn a lot more from real world experience. Hope we can help ya!

Bobby H

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Hi Cressida, welcome to the forum.

I notice you're from Colorado Springs. A good deal of my family lives up there (parents, grandmother, aunt & uncle & their kids). Are you studying graphic design in the 'Springs?

My advice on marketing one's work: develop a strong portfolio and keep updating it with improved work. Formal study in art schools and other programs can help you develop more focus on the portfolio. In marketing for a good job with a major sign company or environmental design firm your portfolio will need to demonstrate a strong and sophisticated sense of graphic design and typography.

You can take the portfolio and show in a number of different manners. High quality printed "tearsheets" (in postcard, rolodex or other formats) is a traditional method that still works. Doesn't hurt to have your own website either.


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Cressida welcome to signs101 from Amarillo, TX!

I would stay in school, and possibly get a part time job at one of your local sign shops such as FastSigns, Signs by Tomorrow, Sign A Rama, SignsNow to list a few. I went to college for Commerical Art, and learned quite a bit through that. The good thing was they tought you Corel to all the Adobe products. All of which translated over to my sign business quite easily. You will get into marketing, layout and design, all your color wheel stuff. But not only will you be learning software for the industry it will touch on your more creative side with marker comps, pencil renderings, airbrushing and the likes. All of which I use for my business.... Marker comps are great for showing proofs or general ideas to get across to your client. Its deffinitly a wow factor for them and has earned me lots of clients btw.

In terms of decals (I hate to call them stickers - pet pieve of mine) I would contact your local schools and colleges. Look into organizations such as local clubs from veterans to car clubs. Try to stay away from all the clipart of illegal stuff such as Calvin & Hobbs etc. Many of which are illegal and many of which you will NEVER receive trademark rights to reproduce. Start off on the right track and you should be fine.

In any event good luck with all your choices you have many forks to go through.
Welcome, Cressida. Good luck with your sticker enterprise, but if I were you, I would lean more toward banners as a starting point. Banners are more in line with the "sign" end of the business and they are great learning tools to hone your design and layout skills on. If you sell a few nice looking temporary signs, someone will hire you to do a permanent sign. Just my thoughts and again, good luck.


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Welcome Cressida! Enjoy the boards. Many knowledgeable people around here.


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thanks for all the great advice
as far as the whole sign shop deal goes ... i'm actually in the graphic arts end of things, i do a lot of graphic design for companies looking for a new identity and i work for a print shop already so i'm not looking to jump out of that...just something to do on the side
i stumbled across the vinyl cutter because i have a friend in the performance automotive industry who uses his very little (he says he doesnt have the time). i'm trying to convince him that it would make him some good money if he sold graphics to his clients. so i'm here to sort of kick around ideas ...and learn a little about the whole industry. i REALLY appriciate all your suggestions! Thanks so much guys!