Ideas for a 54" Vinyl cutter


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We just bought a Graphtec FC-8000 and its very tempermental.
We design and print with Flexi 8.6 to a VP540. Most things are laminated so the cutter must be able to read crop marks and align cutter

Cutter must also be 52-54" wide.


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54" FC8000 is a top notch plotter, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Sure there are some other nice ones, but that plotter should be able to handle most any sign project you throw at it for the next 10 years.


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I would thicken the crop marks and make them a little longer. I use the Illustrator plugin and it's fairly simple. I'm not sure how to do it in Flexi.


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I have a Mimaki, FC8000 setup. I only have problems with the crop marks when I'm cutting through Pro-Shield laminate. Otherwise, it works great. I'm using the cutting master software that came with it because I haven't upgraded my Flexi.


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We have no trouble with ours either.
We use cutting master2 on the FC8000 and print on a SP using versaworks.

Maybe its the type of crop marks your using?