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Identify the bracket?


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Does anyone recognize this bracket/sign? It looks kind of odd, like it needs another bracket below it. I need to match it or get very close.


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Looks flimsy to me. If the only thing holding it is a set screw, I'd be concerned it could come crashing down and kill an innocent toddler standing underneath looking up mesmerized by the squiggly artwork in the image.


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What's the sign made of?

I'd offer to provide two new brackets rather than try to match what's there. The time spent trying to find that same bracket probably won't be worth your while.


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I agree. It looks like it needs a second bracket, but I can't seem to find any that look like it. The boss said to match it, but we'll have to go another route.


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After all the searches, the client had a couple in the back room that didn't get installed. And boy, are these some hand-made gems. No wonder I couldn't find them anywhere. Check out those angles!


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