I'm Back Baby!!!

I figured I would re-introduce myself, as I haven't been on here in almost 2 years...

Hi, I'm Rachel, also know as The Professor or Rabt... Was in the sign business for 5 years, got out, came back. Signs are like Hotel California... Working for Paula at BigHouse Signs. In my off time I run a not-for profit that feeds and houses travelling musicians for free, check it out (www.facebook.com/feedthescene) I missed you guys! :)

:rock-n-roll: TheProfessor

d fleming

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Well if the guys and I ever gig up your way maybe we'll return the favor and feed ya and let you crash in one of the rooms, I promise we''ll keep the drummer on a short chain! Seriously, cool site and great idea. Young traveling musicians don't make any scratch at all. (golf clap and royal wave comin atcha) Good to see ya back.


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Dude I had the "Soccer Taco" conversation bookmarked so I could use it as a reference! That was LEGENDARY!

I tried explaining it once on here and butchered it. Just posted the link instead.

this post is missing something...... THE LINK!!!!!