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Image size in Photoshop


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I have been working on a design in photoshop for a racecar, and some of the filers that I have tried to use do not work because the system runs out of memory. I have tied to increase the memory available to photoshop and have done the history purge. I have 3gigs of ram in my system. At what PPI or DPI and at what scale are most people working at? I have read that full size at 72 DPI was OK. My designs are printed on a Mutoh Falcon. Thanks


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if you are going to seam that graphics, you could work on sections slightly larger then your seamed panels... instead of working on the entire vehicle graphic in one file.
Also, I will often work smaller scale (but conscious of the need to remember, or write down the steps I have taken) until I like the design, & until my client approves it. this way I can design MUCH faster by working with managable file sizes.

3 gigs of ram is great, you must have a pretty fast processor too... do you have the scratch disc for photoshop on a different drive? That would be a good idea as well.


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I work in Photoshop at 72 PPI or (150-300 PPI for small images that need filter detail) then save down to a 72 PPI (144 LPI ) file and print at 720x720 DPI and it looks great


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72 PPI is fine at full scale. I use 100 PPI incase I do need to inlarge something at the last minute to fit.