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Importing .PLT files into Flexi?????


New Member
I just got the latest Flexi....there are (3) HPGL (.PLT) options to import into Flexi....none are working....


New Member
I've noticed plt files from Corel have excessive nodes, almost like cutting a bitmap...
I'd convert to AI 88 or 1.1 which Flexi has no issues with at all.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
You're confusing HPGL and Gerber PLT. HPGL is linear data, hence lots of nodes. Gerber PLT is bezier curves and is completely different. Current versions of Flexi do not import Gerber PLT.

Matthew Scher

New Member
PLT files are not problem in Flexi 7.6

We announced Flexi 7.6 yesterday and it will be coming out this week. It includes import filters for Gerber GA and Omega PLT files.

Matthew Scher

New Member
Flexi 7.6 has been announced

Hi Fred,

Yes, Flexi 7.6 was announced this week and you should be able to find details of what is new on our web site. Feel free to discuss the new features that you used as a beta site.

Bob Gilliland

New Member
Does Flexisign 7.6 support the new Gerber 2.1 plt file format or only versions prior to that (Omega 2.0 and lower; GA 6.2 and lower)?


New Member

I have Flexi and 2 versions of gerber omega. I need nto print and cut back and forth all the time. Flexi wilkl open omega .plts saved as version 1.56 but not the 2.0 versions. Flexi will alow you to open as cuts or print and cuts.,