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Suggestions In Memory of...using a Harley logo

Stacey K

I like making signs
Hi All! I just had a customer stop in looking for some "In Memory of" decals. She wants me to replace the wording of the Harley Davidson logo with her own wording. This type of thing makes me nervous...please advise on how much I need to change the logo...or should I find something similar? Thank you!


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Yep. A couple, no problem. Hundreds.. then there's an issue. Harley isn't quite as bad as they used to be. I see lots of "Harley-ish" logos out there.


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Honestly, I'd tell her...... no, I can't do it. Whether it's a lot against the law or a little against the law..... you could get in a lotta trouble, even if she signs a waiver. Remember, you are the one producing and duplicating copyrighted no-nos, not her. Your job is to tell her its not doable. Sorry.


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even if she signs a waiver.

This is something that I've never understand how anyone can think that it would cover them (I'm not saying that you did say that, it's just that I hear it all the time, from people with a lot of years in the business and they believe this). If the client doesn't have permission to get the work done, how can they actually absolve "you" of any liability? It's not in their ability to do so.


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I would suggest an alternate route. Even using the Bar and Shield shape is a problem. Harley is really protective of it's brand and anything that resembles it. Chances are nothing would ever come from it, but that's a decision you have to make for yourself.

Remember the Disney story of the Parents that couldn't use the Winnie the Pooh quote on a child's headstone?.. DENIED, until the media got ahold of it and made it a PR problem.


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Local sign shop had a meeting with H-D execs regarding a big project that was underway. Shop owners thought it would be a nice touch to have easel signs with the HD logo at the entrance to the meeting room, and table toppers too.
As soon as the HD folks filed in all hell broke loose and went downhill from there. In the end every piece had to be destroyed into unrecognizable bits while the HD people watched.

True story as relayed to me by a friend that managed the shop.

Don't mess with them or any other copyrighted material.

Stacey K

I like making signs
OK, this is an easy one for me to say no to now. She wanted the crest with wings on the sides. I just did a mock up of the words with some random clip art wings - crest or Harley lettering. Take it or leave it I guess. Thanks all!