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In need of rocks


Quit buggin' me
Not sure where this one is supposed to go
(maybe Fred will add a fake rock section).

I have a customer that is setting up a display for an off road vehicle.
It will be up on a ramp and he wants to mask the ramp with some fake rock/stone so that it looks like it is climbing up over them.
It is outdoors and will not be up to long (month or 2 at the most) so he is looking for something that will not be to expensive.
I was thinking maybe a few layers (like a child's pop up book) of rock prints on 6 or 10mil coroplast with the top edges contour cut.

Any ideas from the list that would end up looking better and or maybe cost less?

wayne k
guam usa

Anyone have some of those rocks they used to throw around on the original StarTrek laying around unused?

CDC Graphics

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On a fast thought...why not fill some garbage bags with newspaper and wrap some brown and silver scrap vinyl around them?


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When you say "expensive" what does that mean exactly? Have worked for a trade show company, cheap would be 100k for a display. I have seen 1 million bucks spent on automotive trade show exhibits that were used only one time or when the Mini Cooper came out, 3D billboards that cost a small fortune to build and lease out.

I think if there was a resource for using real rocks (who rents out rocks in Guam?) HDU or foam would be the best material...but will the budget allow it?

If you were to use flat images, your customer can make some tagline to go with it, that way it makes more sense for the images to look flat.

If you take CDC's idea and expand on it, you may try painting the bags and boring out Krylon tips to get the rock "splatter look.


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Google ..........

for TAXIDERMY HABITAT.............there's a paper mache'
that's especially made for rocks.


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Start with Chicken wire
+ Paper mache' (just use flour and water for the glue)
+ a few quart cans of flat latex paint - earth tone, browns / greys
+ be creative.

google "paper mache", you'll get lots of info. If it's just temporary... it would work just fine. Once it's all painted, it should even hold up to some rain for a short while.


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Think aobut it guys,, HE in Guam.. they got no rocks there.
Get some foam.. spray on a little solvent let it eat away just a little.
Color it rock color and use as a facad.


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I've done they exact same thing for a company that manufacters huge tree cutting machines,I bought 8ft sheets of one 1 foot thick styro foam the cheap stuff like stereo components are packed with,we glued pieces together to get the rough shapes and the took the claw end of the hammer and chipped away at the foam and created the shape,sanded and painted with a few different grey,black and brown colored latex paints,and there it was.
It was pretty easy, but a little messy, came out great!



Quit buggin' me
Thanks for these ideas,
These guys are on a tight budget so the $20 to $40k pile of rock displays are out.
Painted trashbags or styro might do it.

I'll come back to this when(if) I get anything.

wayne k
guam usa

being rock free, we buy all our rocks from sweatshops in China.