Inexpensive Air-Release Vinyl Options


Hi All,

Quick question - we're currently using Kapco's 3 mil air-release vinyl for many of our prints.

It's economical and easy to apply, but we've been having *serious* issues lately with quality control. The result has been many, many ruined prints and a ton of wasted time and material.

Does anyone know of any similarly-priced air-release vinyl options out there? Obviously there are the 3M options, but we're trying to stick as close to the $199 per 54" x 150' roll price point as possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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3M-IJ35C from Grimco is $217 for a 54" roll. I would not use it on a vehicle, but for general flat applications it works.


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Here's another vote for IJ35c.
It is a GREAT product for short-term signage.

I have used it on customers vehicles (NOT as a wrap) without any issues. Still looks like new a year later. (yes, they understood it is a 2-3 year vinyl)

Also, I guess I am overpaying at $190/roll.

Tim Aucoin

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I wonder if Grimco ships to Canada? :rolleyes: I see they have a location in Spokane WA, which is just across the border from us. I'd gladly support the US economy if it saves me a lot on supplies! :Big Laugh


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How do you know how much to charge a customer if you don't know how much you pay for a roll.

AAHH? Cause I like making signs not money! If you are doing something only to make money you need to get a life!!!


you let the cat out of the bag. :)

$217 is what we pay, I guess we don't do the same amount of volume as you. There catalog that I have says $230. It is not much a of a discount but we get free shipping and they come every day because they have a warehouse here in town about 15 min up the road.

Sorry, meant to quote Colorado and his $171