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Installing Polymetal 2'x3' signs on interior walls using VHB tape 5952


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Does anyone have experience hanging 1/8" polymetal sheets that are 2'x3' on a painted wall, drywall? I haven't used VHB tape on a painted wall before, and just wondering if anyone has had success using VHB tape using Polymetal on a painted drywall wall. I think it can work, if the wall is smooth and straight and you put on about 4 square inches per pound of weight. Sign weighs 5 pounds, so 20 square inches of VHB tape 5952. I am going to put up a sample piece on a wall to see how it will do. If not VHB tape, how would you do it? The client initially wanted standoffs, then backed down when they received the quote and now only want them either screwed or use VHB tape to the walls.


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You said they gave you the option of physical fasteners. Go that route, that's always better then tape or glue. Other than gator or 3mm pvc, I wouldn't trust tape for metal signs of that size. Should one fall, guess who is named first in a law suit........


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I'd use VHB with a couple dabs of lexel....but the wall be ruined when they take them down. So if that is a concern screws with anchors is the way to go.


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We use plastic screw caps from homedepot for some of these installations.


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Taping them would be fine. A 2'x3' piece of ACM weighs a whopping 6 pounds. Three 1"x1" pieces down the sides, four along the top and bottom (you don't even need that many - it's mainly to keep it from looking wavy by having multiple points of attachment. A few dabs of Lexel or silicone and it's not going to go anywhere. It's also going to severely damage the wall if they ever remove it. If that's a concern, put a screw in each corner with screw head covers, as mentioned..

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That 5952 will tear the paint/drywall off before it drops the sign. My only concern would be if it is susceptible to vandalism or damage. Aside from that, it's not coming off with 5952.

Johnny Best

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I would install a 20"x30" 6mm black or gray pvc panels with countersunk screws and plastic anchors to wall and then your VHB squares with a couple dabs of Lexel. Gives it a standoff look and not as damaging to wall if removed.
This way you feel safer because of the attachment to pvc instead of a wall that might have been painted with paint that rejects adhesives.
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What do you all use for anchors in drywall? The only thing I found that works well is the zip toggle anchor, but the hole is 1/2". So basically, taking a sign off with VHB tape will pull the paper off the drywall in spots, or if you use fasteners like this you have a 1/2" hole in all the places you put a fastener. You will have to repair the wall in both instances. I guess it depends upon how you want to fix it later.


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regular little push-in plastic drywall anchors for #8 screws should be fine. Have you ever compared the weight of a painting that hangs on a single nail in drywall with one of those angled nail hooks to the weight of a 2'x3' ACM sign? And you'll be using 2 or maybe 4 screws for the sign.

A zip toggle anchor is rated for 70 lbs. The plastic push-in type are for 15 lbs each.


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I don’t see much of a point in using vhb tape plus silicone for an interior drywall sign. Just use double sided foam tape. Way cheaper and conforms to the wall much better. Add some balls of silicone and it’s done. Screws are fine as well just not as clean. I really like the metal drywall anchors, the one with the aggressive threads for drywall. A lot more sturdy than the push in plastic anchors, work great for standoffs as well.


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What about using some Z-Clips? If the goal is to not see any fasteners through the face but don't mind a little standoff, you can tape/glue the Z-Clips or a length of french cleat to the back of the sign and install the corresponding Z-Clip or french cleat to the wall with a few shields and screws, or even those plastic screw in sheet rock anchors.