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Internet problem

Dave Drane

New Member
I am having trouble opening CDR files through Outlook Express. The files are sitting there but the lettering is light gray and the file is totally inactive. I sent a Coreldraw file to a printer and he was able to open it but in the "sent folder" it was there but inactive. The problem seems to have arisen since I went on to Windows XP. Does anyone else experience this. The CDR file were below my version so that was not an issue.:help:


New Member
Your first major problem....

is using Outlook!
Please switch to Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox for your browser.


New Member
Yeah, I had to mess with my security settings to get ALL file formats to come through properly. Can't remember which buttons I pushed, but just start fiddling with your security (wisely of course) and see what happens...


New Member
I'm an application developer and we make it a practice to add ".safe" to the end of any files we send. A lot of corporate firewall will block certain attachments. All the end user needs to do is copy the file to there desktop and remove the ".safe" from the filename.