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Is $1395 a good price for a used Gerber hs15?


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Is $1,395 a good price for a used Gerber hs15?
I am looking for one and came across one for $1,395.
Any help?

Thanks, Brian


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If it were working, I would take it. Whether or not it's a good price doesn't enter into the equation at those low numbers. The machine is a real workhorse. We’ve had ours running since about 1994. Not a thing wrong with it. Maintain it, clean it and it should serve you well.

At that price, you only have to bill out just under $4.00 a day for a year and it’s paid for itself. Can you afford that ??


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Hiya Brian,
What do you plan to use it for? For vinyl cutting or contour cutting edge prints? Do you already own another Gerber plotter?
If it's in good working condition, you have the software to run it, and it comes with all the standard accessories, then yes, it's probably a good deal. Like Gino said, they're workhorses and require very little maintenance.
The only issue I had with it was the cutting width. At a former employers shop, we got the HS 15 to replace an older sprint cutter. If I remember correctly, the sprint could cut up to 13.25" of a roll width, but the HS 15 could only cut 13". The problem was that we had a lot of repeat orders that required us to cut at 13.25". So, every time we ran into a file that needed to be downsized, we cussed that plotter.



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I will use it to contour cut edge graphics

I will use it to contour cut edge graphics. Thanks for the responses.


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Check with the company you bought your Edge from to see what a used HS 15 is going for and if they have any available. If the price difference isn't that much, I'd buy from a supplier before buying from a private sale.:software nothing to do with topic-just liked the pirate!

Dane DeFord

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Hey Brian, Gotta tell ya. I've got a GS15+ very similar to the HS. But have friends that have the HS. They are workhorses! I'd say chances are if it's a running machine now, it's probably been a running machine right along. Haven't had one problem with mine in over 4 years. You'll like the sprocket feed too. Good Luck,