Is anyone running this railroad?


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Here...... this oughta do it.



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Going on 2 months and repeated emails and no one responded so I had to cancel. What a shame. Such a great format to just lay dormant with no one in charge.

This **** did not happen when Fred (or "Great White Chief" as I affectionately call him) owned and operated this site! Pauly and his admins are asleep at the helm while this train is west bound into Bozeman at full speed!


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I'm here for educational purposes.
Starting to get a little upset here. I paid for a premium membership and in over 3 weeks no one has responded to my emails. Since no one activated my member to member classified I put my for sale item here on the Epson page. Is anyone available to activate new member accounts?
Thank You
Dan Berg
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Have you gotten any resolution yet? Or is the Admin still ghosting you?


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There is no more Reading Railroad. In fact most anything connected to that has been gone for years. I used to play Monopoly when I was a kid and even into my adulthood. I think if you lived in this area it was mandatory your family had this game in the closet.
How simple and wonderful life used to be… but we still complained!
Nah we just moved on and didn't let the little stuff bother us. In fact even the big stuff didn't bother us back then. We all knew who we were and what we were. None of this silly guessing game they've invented nowadays. We just had to deal with ducking under our desks in case of a nuclear attack. No big deal.