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Is the Manual for Omega 2.0 worth $95?


New Member
I recently upgraded from Omega 1.56CP to Omega 2.02. This time I did not receive the manual to go with the new software. When I asked my dealer, he said the manual is provided at additional cost of $95. I heard the new manual is very thick. Aside from using the help section that's built into the program does the manual have anything in there that would justify spending $95?


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hahhaahahahaa..GERBER GOTCHA...again!!!! of couse its worth every penny of that $95 EXTRA DOLLAR they want cause it says GERBER.....in honesty....if i paid BIG BUCKS ($hundreds)for a program, and it didnt INCLUDE the manual.......i wouldnt be real happy!!!!!!

Mike Paul

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Is the $95. bucks for the full manual for the software or the release notes on what has changed since the last version?

Bob Gilliland

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As Dale mentioned, you can download the entire package you would spend the money for. Visit Gerber’s website and from the left hand side of the navigation area, select Customer Corner>Literature, or just click this link

Download it, check it out, and if desired, print it yourself or order the entire set. I couldn’t print and present it cheaper then the 100 bucks, so I order hardcopies from GSP.


You get the entire “Literature” package for Omega including but not limited to
Users Manual, Learning Guide, Getting Started, Release Notes, etc.