Is this a new scam?


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I got the following email today and was wondering if anyone has seen anything like it before? There are numerous red flags on this one, the least of which is the bad English, the VIN number included, the mention of recuperating in the hospital, the lack of a business name, etc.

This is Hope Newton do you do vehicle wrap and do you accept credit card, and are you the manager or owner, please i now live here in town so it would be better for me to do the vehicle wrap on my 2001 GMC 4500 Box Truck vin number 4KDC4B1R91J800166 it here and i would have the truck towed to your workshop for wrap that is why i am contacting you for the wrap,can you do the wrap for me as i amcurrently recuperating from ear surgery.


Yes, the same one was recently posted here by someone else.

So far I've received, banner scam, t-shirt scam, sandblasted signs scam, furniture store sales rep scam, and the in house massage therapist scam guaranteeing a happy ending.


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Don't forget the 'Merchant Processing' phone scam where they pretend to be your CC processor and offer you a lower rate.

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Yeah a VIN and it has to be towed to you to do the wrap, sounds kinda scamish to me. I got the banner scam already.


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and here I thought I'd be the only one to google the vin

at least he wasn't lying about the year, make and model, lol