Is this a rip-off?


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Hey guys,

I had a client bring in this image he said he did up and wanted it cleaned up to print on a 4x4 coro for their new hockey team. I asked for a digital file and got the usual lines about that being the best he had etc etc... I dont believe this guy to be the most creative type, so I'm wondering if he borrowed a likeness from another team or something and changed the lacrosse stick to the axe or something? Anybody recognize it?

If it's legit I wouldn't mind going nuts with it and really doing our best with it... but I dont wanna dump a pile of work into it and then somebody laugh at the butcher job we did to the "Indiana Rednecks" or something. No offense to any Indiana peoples :) Or any rednecks for that matter...

Thanks in advance!


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give him a price on the sign only... get him hooked on wanting that... then tell him the art is awesome... and a shame to have to have some signguy redraw it for $200, when the real artist is standing right here... see if that gets the "real artist" to stand up & be counted... if not, have him sign off on ownership of the design & collect $200


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Looks like a newer version of the Canucks old logo...I am betting its an AHL team! Did he tell you the name of the team? Did you crop it out or is this how he provided it?


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This is how he provided it. I did my own quick vector hack job on it and he was thrilled. I told him I'd like to spend some more time with it before they did any official stuff. At the moment they just needed it as an announcement for next season.

Thanks for the replies from everyone.


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that site is a custom jersey designer, who's to say that this person asking for stuff isn't starting a team that this site designed the jersey for and like many folks here, won't let the vector art go?


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I am totally assuming from what I inferred from the original post... it didnt sound like the customer was adding it to the sign with the intention of crediting the jersey company since they very carefully did not include the part that said "big stick"... plus, in the original post Sabre mentions that the customer said he did the logo himself...


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if he was sponsored by the jersey company they would have given him better art than that, and it would have had the big stick on it.....
can you say copy right infringement,


wow, has the customer come back yet? i'd like to know what they had to say after tellin them you found the original artwork, and it belongs to someone else.