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is this stuff junk?


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ok heres another one,im thinking already about the get what you pay for theory,anyway what do you guys think of this stuff absolute junk or average?
thanks scott
if im not allowed to post links like this im very sorry,just remove it,just looking for more opinions!


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Scooter - Surrey is a L-O-N-G way from St. Paul!!! :) ...so keep that in mind :) And really...what is it that piqued your interest in this brand? Please tell me it wasn't just the "price"!

Jon Aston

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Your vendor's ability to support the product (training, tech support, spare parts inventory, etc, etc) is critical to your success with it.

I won't leap to any judgements about this particular company, but I would suggest exercising caution. Otherwise, what you save in terms of purchase price may cost you much more in the long run.
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Arlo Kalon 2.0

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I'm turned off by whole appearance of the website. The very error laden translations from Chinese to English make me want to RUN... as does the flashing misspelling of GURRANTEE in the low price guArrantee. Definitely looks like a get what ya pay for stinger.


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I agree with everyone here. Run away from this place. If you are getting a solvent printer find someone local that will support it. Low Price is not always the best thing. The local guy here also has some off lease or trade in models they sell. Still better to get a used printer from a local place then a new one from who knows where..

Good Luck


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Vendor location is very important. Shipping cost are very important. We had equipment in N Dakota and down here in Florida. Now, the equipment bought in N Dakota would cost a fortune to be shipped all the way to the vendors. Lucky that we have vendors, here, in Florida that will take care of it.


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scooternalberta said:
im running boys!,just thought wow good prices,shortly after thought im an idiot lol!
Maybe Idiot a little harsh there scooter some here have that special senior been there knowledge Thank god they share