New Guy I've learned so much here already

I have been on Signs101 for a couple months now, I figured it was about time I introduced myself. I recently (through necessity) became the Production Manager of a smallish sign shop after some bad blood caused our two managers to leave abruptly. I am relatively new to the industry (I grew up weeding, masking and applying to corro signs at my parents unrelated business). My responsibilities have increased exponentially and only seem to grow with each passing day. So the guidance I've already received here has proven it self invaluable.

Excited for my future in the industry,



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Sounds good. Continue to learn, as ya never get too old to learn new stuff..................


Welcome... This industry can provide you with a great lifestyle in terms of work and being compensated for your time in the future.

I would suggest to subscribe to as many sign magazines as possible, read, research, and then do some more!

Continue to ask questions here for your projects or equipment related questions. There are some bright minds here that have years of experience and like to share that with others. Practice your trade and always look to improve the quality of the work that is processed at your company. That alone will help ensure the paychecks keep coming for all employed at the company.

Good luck!!!