just purchased a used mutoh falcon ll outdoor 64"


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i just purchased this printer yesterday and i cant figure out how to get it going. it has all the the connections and the guy i bought it from printed a sample picture for me, and it printed great. now that it is at my house i cannot figure out how to get this to print. i am using onyx rip software and i dont know how to use this or the printer. can some one walk me through this or give me some guidance. helllppppp ......


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I recommend you to read the printer as well as Onyx user manuals before you make any mistake and regret later.
Also have you used any printer earlier or is it your first one ??



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this is my first printer i am a newbie to printing. i read the user manual to the mutoh but i doesn't say any thing about how to print. i think i am missing the main operation manual the guy i bought this from only had the unwinder/ winder30 user guide. is there a web site that i can download the user manual from? thanks


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Welcome from PA.........................

Call the guy you bought it from and ask him. He should at least be able to get you up and running.

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How is the printer connected to your computer? If it's by TCP/IP and you are using a router you might run into some problems there. Also try turning off your firewall if you have one.

If the computer you're using now isn't the same one you witnessed the original owner's test print on, you most likely don't even have the IP address that he had the printer setup on.