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Just saying HI to all.


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Been venturing around and wanted to say what a great site and a good bunch of people. Located in Southern Connecticut 25 years old with no previous experience just kinda started doing vinyl to letter my own race cars. Little about myself been doing vinyl signs for about 8 years now just on the side out of the house with a Roland PC-60 and SignLab. Mostly vehicle graphics and simple signs & Banners. Just moved up to a Mimaki JV3-130SP printer and a Mimaki CG-130FX plotter. Trying to get into the Wrap market and more digital images for signage. Still working out of the house but starting to run out of room. This site looks great never really ventured out to much into the sign forums before when I was just doing cut vinyl but man do I have questions now that Im printing! Well thast about it for now just wanted to say Hi and Im sure I'll be posting questions in the near future.