laminating question


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i printed some die cut stickers then laminated then put in then die cut but it was off.but when i do a print and cut with no lam they r perfect is that normal


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Do you have "profile" or type setting on your plotter? If so you should set one up for unlaminated vinyl and one for laminated vinyl. The cut depth and pressure is gonna be different for the two types and you might be getting a little resistance from the laminated vinyls which could - over the course of the cut - could pull the vinyl out of "alignment.


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is it off horizontally or vertically? possible that maybe your laminator is stretching your media? not sure how that would happen but could be the case.

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We have a roland and compensate by creating a bleed if possible, smaller area by doing more groups instead of one big one, and we do a enviro match before print and before cut. The y axis usually is ok, but he x is off 1/8" avery 4' or so. J


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Some laminates create a little too much sloppiness from the glossiness and cause the media to move ever-so-slightly if your pinch rollers aren't tight enough.

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Do a print/cut adjustment, do an environmental match, make sure your heaters are off and cooled down before cutting.