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Letterhead Fonts offer a special to Signs101


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I want to relay a message from Chuck at LHF. He has decided to offer a signs101 font special some of us may find interesting.

It is a reduced price offer for his entire font collection of 135 fonts.

Thanks goes to Sign One for posting and Geniuscreations for replying to this earlier LHF topic:

Gene posted about wondering what it would cost for the entire LHF collection.

I checked the FAQ page & found, as expected, that several others have wondered as well. Since more fonts are always being added, Chuck doesn't list a price on the site & instead asked for email inquiries if anyone is interested.

I sent my inquiry, along with a link to the topic posted by Sign One.

Chucks reply has gotten my attention, & while it may not be priced right for everyone... I am seriously considering taking advantage of this investment in my designing capabilities that would last for a long time to come.

So, having just recieved Fred's approval, I will paste in Chucks email:

Hi Doug...

Thanks for letting me know.

Currently the price for all 135 fonts is $2,100 (a savings of over $1000). I realize that's a little rich for most people's blood-- but that's because the royalties paid to the Contributors stay the same. So there is a limit to how low we can go.

With that said, I have decided to offer a temporary deal all fonts for $1500. I will have to give away most of mine own fonts for free to make this happen-- so I can't offer this to everyone (or forever).

If anyone wants to take advantage of this offer, they'll have to tell us they heard about it on "Signs 101". Of course this includes putting them on a CD (too many fonts to send by email) and the free shirt.

Feel free to post this if you


(P.S. Let them know this will only be good through June)

Chuck Davis, President
Letterhead Fonts



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That's incredible! Trying to figure out how I can sensibly afford to make this purchase! I foresee a lot of extra stuff I have going on eBay tonight!

Doug, I gotta say - that's totally awesome! Thanks for working your magic!



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when I think of the money I've spent on software, upgrades & clipart... well it doesn't seem all that out of line to invest that kind of money. hmmmm...

If he does make a sale or 2 from this, we should encourage him to support signs101 in return as a mutually beneficial arrangement.


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I just spent another hour almost drooling over the fonts at the LHF website

I thought I should bump this thread since it was posted on the weekend & may have been missed.

I've just about talked myself into the full collection deal. Maybe just 1 or 2 more trips to go window shooping until I can't resist.