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Just the fact that they don't have any offices (or reps, or technicians) in North America (or Europe) is an absolute NO-GO for me. Add the reputation of Chinese machinery it's double NO-GO.
Search through this forum, I know some peaople here bought Chinese printer and got screwed... no service, no parts, etc.
Until I hear of someone being completely satisfied with their Chinese manufactured machine, I'll steer clear of Chinese crap and recommend you all do the same.
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chinese crap will soon equal the build quality of the rest of the world. I remember Japanese crap and how we laughed when we saw it rust.

Pat Whatley

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chinese crap will soon equal the build quality of the rest of the world

It already does. Industrial China is capable of manufacturing to the same tolerances as 99% of the manufacturers in the world....companies just don't typically choose to have goods manufactured to that quality because of the cost issue involved.


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It already does. Industrial China is capable of manufacturing to the same tolerances as 99% of the manufacturers in the world....companies just don't typically choose to have goods manufactured to that quality because of the cost issue involved.

This is very true, poor quality is usually due to a greedy importer, wanting to cut his costs to maximize profits.


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the guy that bought the bemajet recently mentioned on this board.

the printer showed up. confusing instructions (he was a newbie for large format). a pump line undescribed hanging off the pump (think it ended up being an auxiliary vacuum line).... anyway last time i heard from him, he said the printer printed better than the prints he'd been outsourcing locally.


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What people fail to realize, is that 99% of investors refuse to work with a company unless they have their products made in Asia... It's how things work..


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I like take-out Chinese food from the Chinese restaurant more than the Greek guy down the street posing his Chinese foods.... yuck-O :corndog:.

Christian @ 2CT Media

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The 5' x 10' Limac router with I-Cut, Tangential knife, Kiss Cut Knife, Vacuum Table, Dust Collector, Tool Changer, and 4KW Spindle is $36,000.00 + Freight.

Been looking at them for awhile, all of their parts are sourced from the top manufacturers in the world.


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the shanghai monster sign expo is in july. i am hoping i can go. i'd suggest heading there and see what these machines look and sound and act like.

i think the era of bashing the chinese is in it's last chapter.

the new chinese high end fighter plane is reported to be better then the USA's f22. it's high time to just admit that the chinese know what they are doing over there.
@Artbot, went to the Shanghai expo 4/5 years ago and been to the Guangzhou one more recently. You really should go, some people there will amaze you with their hard work and ingenuity, and a lot of the booths now have their own English-Chinese translators. But communication could still pose a challenge. I am sure you will not regret it! Wish I was going, if you do go, please post your findings here.


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i have this new partnership that seems to be a go as of two days ago. since they are the ones with the cash, i will be "begging" to go. there is no way the trip will not pay for itself. i've been impressed recently with the sales staff of a few chinese oems as for their english skills. so that is improving to. i wonder if you can rent a translator for a few hours?
Artbot, you can rent a translator at the exhibition place at an hourly rate, but the prices can be a bit stiff. Most of the larger booths will have translators on site or one nearby (they sometimes share). Good luck!


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I hope you get to go artbot so you can tell us all about it.
Be careful, "renting a translator by the hour" sounds like what got the secret service in trouble a little while ago.....

wayne k
guam usa


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hey my girlfriend already isn't looking forward to me meeting all the smoking hot booth girls. one thing i really like about the chinese manufacturers is they design on the fly. japanese, amercian, and european oems design. then put the machine out. if something is glaringly wrong with the machine, they don't seem to modify it quickly. the chinese may alter the model's design by the month for the better. it's the business phalanx vs. guerrilla manufacturing. all the boards and firmware are practically openware, printers all have upgrade kits as new heads come out, printers don't have main boards...they are controlled by a laptop via usb, you can request add ons and custom features, most feature hiwin slides with THK upgrade for $1k more.

best of all, buy a flatbed printer and have replacement parts that cost double digit dollars. i requested a spare parts list for one and some of the spare parts were $11, i think the ink pumps were $39. hell stock that stuff at the shop and don't complain when you need to toss and replace parts two years later. i've been tracking equipment on alibaba for the last year designing this new line (which i get to do!) and the equipment has come a loooooong way in just one year. amazing.


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ditchmiester, have the oem film different parts of the machine for you. for instance, i have a printer i'm seriously looking at. i asked them film this, film that, print on some sintra in the film. etc. i ended up with a 10 minute demo. for $25k they will show you the guts in detail. if this thing does icut, have them give you an icut demo/movie.


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My name is Victa, i live in Melbourne Australia
i read with interest that 2CT Media was offered a Limac with Tangential knife, Kiss Cut Knife, vaccum table and i-cut for about $36,000
I have spoken to several owners of the 3000 series and all are very satisfied with the units
our main problem is the the agent here wants over $40,000 for the 3204 model 5 x 10 foot unit PLUS $25,000 for the Icut, he must think no body can use the internet to compare prices ( this price does not include ATC or knifes)
could you please tell me if this price was a direct import from Limac - China or do you have distributers in the USA
we have good technitions that can service them and Limac will sell parts direct. the owners here tell me they just work and have had very little if any problems from day 1
i believe that the ideal unit would be the 4000 series, 5 x 10 foot, with vaccum table, auto tool changer and the i-cut system, but the 3000 series with the same specs would be adequite. I believe the price difference between the 3000 and 4000 series is about $4000 upgrade here
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